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Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

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Does your apartment for independent living in Plymouth allow dogs? More and more senior housing options are recognizing the health benefits of caring for dogs.

Dogs can be lovable companions, but did you know that man’s best friend is also good for your health? Evidence shows that:

  • Seniors with pets live longer 
  • Walking a dog is an excellent source of physical activity, benefiting your heart and mobility
  • Petting or touching a pet can lower blood pressure and heart rate and reduce stress
  • Pets can alleviate loneliness
  • Caring for pets can give a sense of purpose.

In short, pets help us enjoy life and live our lives healthier.

Caring for a pet can be challenging, so it’s important to match the dog’s needs to your own when choosing a dog. Like people, some breeds require more socializing than others, and some need more physical activity than others. While a suitable match can be therapeutic, a poor match can stress both the person and the dog if their needs and lifestyle are at odds.  

Some factors to consider when choosing a dog are:

  • Your health – Do you have mobility issues that could make it difficult to exercise a dog? Or a history of falls that might be exacerbated by a smaller dog underfoot? What about oxygen tubing that a puppy might chew?
  • Age – Should you get a puppy or an adult dog? How about a senior? A senior dog may be more relaxed and less likely to chew or have excessive energy than a puppy.
  • Breed – What breed of dog is right for you? A dog’s breed is an important indicator of general demeanor, grooming and upkeep needs, size, and overall cost of care.

What breeds are best for seniors?

Small, calm breeds are popular choices for seniors. Here are ten of the most popular: 

Bichon Frise – These fluffy dogs are cuddlers. They don’t shed much but need regular brushing. They also need moderate exercise.

Boston Terrier – Quiet and easy to train, Boston terriers are known as affectionate and mannerly dogs. They shed very little. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – Gentle and affectionate, Cavaliers were bred to be lap dogs but will adapt to your lifestyle, whether sedentary or more active. They’re relatively low maintenance, requiring bathing and brushing to keep their silky coat healthy.

Havanese – Havanese are wonderful companions who don’t like to be alone. They don’t require a lot of activity but do require daily brushing.

Lhaso Apso – Lhasos are intelligent dogs that need mental stimulation as well as exercise. In fact, they are popular therapy dogs. They’re energetic dogs that require frequent play or walks, as well as regular grooming.

Maltese – Bred as lap dogs, Maltese only require a moderate amount of exercise and are happy inside. They shed very little but require regular bathing and grooming. 

Miniature Schnauzer – Schnauzers love kids and moderate exercise. They shed very little but need occasional grooming.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi – Corgis weigh up to thirty pounds and need more activity than other small dogs on our list. They need frequent grooming, especially during the shedding seasons. Corgis are loving companions and excellent guard dogs, despite their size.

Poodle – Poodles are reasonably low maintenance, smart, easy to train, and generally have easy-going, friendly personalities. Shedding is minimal, but their curly coats do require regular grooming.

Pomeranian – Poms are small dogs with big, perky personalities. They generally weigh no more than seven pounds. They enjoy being active but are just as happy with short walks and indoor play. Their fluffy coats need frequent grooming.

Have you considered a dog?

Breed aside, you can often find the perfect companion at a shelter. Older dogs are especially good choices as they’re usually already housebroken and trained. These dogs are often calmer, gentler, easier to train, and more interested in spending time with their owners than chewing on their belongings. They’re also less likely to be adopted. So, you may not only be choosing a friend; you may be saving a life. In turn, you may find that your canine companion improves your health and well-being.

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